What do you need to know to take out family health insurance?

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“I can not think of any childhood need as strong as a father’s need for protection.” Sigmund Freud


When we consider something as important as the health of our family , we must take into account many variables. There are a number of important aspects of which it is necessary to look at when choosing a health insurance for the family. In addition , many insurers make special discounts to insure the entire family group . Below we answer some of the questions that you can think about when making this decision:


  1. What coverages does family insurance have?

Before hiring any family health insurance, we recommend that you analyze all the coverages offered by each one of them , and not only the most basic but also the most innovative and leading in the market. The generic coverages of a family health insurance are the following:

  • You can go to the best centers and medical specialties with 100% coverage and without limits.
  • You have multiple payment options : you can pay annually or quarterly with a discount; or, if you prefer, on a monthly basis .
  • It includes dental insurance for a small additional amount for each member, being able to access thousands of clinics throughout Spain.


There are other specific coverages that a family health insurance offers you, such as the following:

  • Prosthetic coverage without limit.
  • The most advanced diagnostic means in the market .
  • Travel assistance with medical, surgical, pharmaceutical and hospitalization expenses covered up to a variable amount according to the insurer.
  • Organ transplants
  • Emergency access, general ICU / UVI or pediatric without limits.
  • Free Choice of a multitude of doctors and clinics.
  • Hospitalization 100% included


  1. How much does this type of insurance cost?

In the different insurers usually make special discounts for the family group , as we have previously anticipated. These discounts may be higher depending on the type of payment : annual, quarterly or monthly.

In addition, in some cases they require a small additional amount for special coverages such as dental coverage . They do not include co-payments, so they always have a fixed fee that does not increase with the greater or lesser use of healthcare.


  1. How to know if family insurance is the best for my family?

A family insurance is ideal for parents who want to have medical coverage for the whole family in case of any eventuality or unforeseen event that may appear. In addition, you can enjoy the best private centers without waiting lists and with a fixed fee .


As we have already said, if you are thinking about traveling with your whole family this holiday, this type of insurance will give you and your family enough protection against any problem that may arise when you are enjoying your family leisure. Make sure and just think about resting.