How to reduce your expenses in summer

Image result for summer expensesIf your family is similar to the others, there is a good chance that your summer has cost you something expensive . You have been abroad or in Spain, it seems that in summer the money vanishes from your portfolio. From meals to dinners, to family activities, it seems that our expenses have no limit.

Almost 22,000 households participated in the International Summer Barometer of the Ferratum Group 2018 , a survey that studies the consumption of 18 countries around the world in the summer holidays. In this year’s edition, 26% of respondents said they expected to spend more money this summer than the previous one, while 40% said that the expenditure would be the same as the previous year.

Although we are beginning to face the last weeks of summer, there is still much sun to enjoy . But will your balance in the bank survive? Relax, at Ferratum Money we have a tip for you.


We know what you’ve spent money on in the summer

When asked about the percentage of the monthly salary they were going to spend , the results showed that Norwegians would use 68.5%, Latvians 67%, Croats 61.2% and Mexicans 60.3%.

And on what do all that money spend people? According to the results of the survey, the main expense would be domestic trips (11.3%) , followed by fashion purchases (10.7%) and social activities, such as trips to the beach, parties and meals in restaurants (10%). .

Those who planned to travel said they would dedicate almost 40% of their average summer budget to it. More specifically, the German participants claimed that 50.8% of their budget would be spent on travel, the Bulgarians 45.8%, the Finns 41.1% and the Poles 40.1%.


The best things in life are free

Summer should not cost you an eye of your face. If you have spent more than expected this summer, like many other families, the best way to reduce your expenses is to look for free activities (or almost) that you can enjoy with your family.

Prepare your own meals and take them to a park to enjoy with your family in a relaxed way. And if you do not want to stop going to cafes and restaurants, check out our tips for cheap dining out and about .

Summer is synonymous with going to the beach. And the best thing about going to the beach is that it does not cost money except, perhaps, the price of transportation. Take advantage of these last days of heat to the fullest, then in winter you will miss them.

Discover activities or monuments near your city . As you can imagine, the trips by car or train around you are much cheaper than a trip abroad. In addition, museums and galleries in most cities offer free admission on certain days of the week or at certain times. Take a look at their web pages and take the opportunity to visit them.

And go to the cinema? Truth be told, it’s still very expensive, and not only for the price of the tickets , but for everything that goes with it: popcorn, drinks … you end up going for a peak. Instead, why not rent a movie in iTunes or see one of your favorite platform and buy, much cheaper, all the food you want?